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How you can get involved!

This page provides tips on getting started.

Write or post information on line

Speak out at Parkinson's conferences

  • Ask speakers questions about issues important to you
  • Seek out speakers during free time to speak to them

Respond to PAN Action Alerts

  • The Parkinson's Action Network sends out email "action alerts" when legislation important to people with Parkinson's comes up for a vote in the U.S. Congress. By responding to these emails, you make your voice known to your legislators and help the American Parkinson's community.





In the U.S., you can wear the PDTulip pin to support the national movement for it become the national symbol for Parkinson's awareness.

Register for Fox Trial Finder

  • The Fox Trial Finder is an on-line resource created to help increase the number of participants in clinical trials, "speeding progress toward breakthrough therapies and a cure." https://foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org/

The Parkinson's Movement

A new Parkinson's advocacy website, the Parkinson's Movement, is a place where you can join other people with Parkinson's on line. Founded by three international PD advocates: Jon Stamford, Sara Riggare, and Tom Isaacs, it is a place where you can:

  • Write a blog or respond to one
  • Watch videos
  • Share videos
  • Respond to surveys and polls
  • Join in on-line discussions about current issues
  • Be a part of the world-wide PD advocacy community

Jon, Sara, and Tom promise that the Parkinson's Movement website "...will be a voice for Parkinson's by being the authentic voice of the community." We joined and became members. We hope you will, too.

Jean & Sheryl

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