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Connecting to PWP around the world

The power of the Internet has carried our message to 100,000 people in all 50 states (plus Washington D.C.) and more than 119 countries, exceeding our wildest expectations. Major Parkinson’s disease organizations, at home and abroad, have helped promote awareness of our web site by linking to us from their web sites.

A quarter of our visitors come from outside the United States, reflecting the fact that Parkinson's disease knows no geographic boundaries, nor do those seeking a cure, or at the very least, hope.


Taking our show on the road

In November, 2007, we made our inaugural presentation based on our web site to 320 people at the Arizona Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association’s Power Over Parkinson’sTM conference in Phoenix. This was a huge step for me. I had made a career of writing words for others to say… and with good reason. The thought of speaking to a large group terrified me. Jean, however, can be very persuasive, and persistent.

She told me I could be the “funny one” and she would be my “straight woman.” I agreed, with the caveat that if people didn’t laugh, our road show would end as quickly as it began.Up at the podium, my left arm took on a life of its own, flapping wildly at my side. As I scanned the audience for friendly faces, I became acutely aware of arms, legs, and heads moving in every direction. Shaking was nothing new to this crowd, I realized. These were my people.

The response was overwhelming. People waited in line to give us hugs and thank us for inspiring and empowering them to make a positive difference in their own lives. We could not hope for more than this.

We had so much fun sharing our personal stories and meeting so many fellow PWP in Phoenix that we have since “taken our show on the road” to # conferences across the country. E-mail us at plan4life @ pdblogger.com for more information or to book us for your educational event. We ask for no honorarium, only for the reimbursement of travel, lodging, and meal expenses. This is our gift to the Parkinson’s community.


email us directly at: Sheryl@pdplan4life.com

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